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Amazon is stormy ocean

We help you sail smoothly, navigate seamlessly through it

ready to captain your amazon ship?



Amazon Marketing Budget


Amazon Marketing is in our DNA

Get more mileage out of your Amazon Marketing Budget.

Our philosophy is simple. We believe every marketing dollar should be held accountable. We have handpicked some of the best minds across amazon marketing sphere to focus on what will move your business forward.

our services

Focus on Your Business

brand management

Amazon Brand Management

Strategic processes that help optimize the performance and value of your brand.


Amazon PPC Management

Overseeing ad placement, keyword research and budgeting procedures.

catalog management

Catalog Management

Optimize listings, monitor inventory, adjust prices, analyze metrics, and implement CRO strategies.

supply chain management

Supply Chain Management

Optimization of sourcing, warehousing, and distribution, efficiently designed order planning.


The Discovery level

Assessing their amazon challenges, gauging resilience and finding perfect solution


Boarding on
Amazon Ship

Once deemed fit for sailing, welcomed with open arms by a shared sense of purpose.


Ongoing Support

With regular reporting, in-depth marketing research, data-driven decision-making and complete seller support.


how do we do it

Methodologies behind our madness, yes we are crazy about Amazon

First thing we do is we listen, and understand the problems of the client. Kind of find out where they stand at the moment. We gather all the information, put our heads together, and run it through what we call the “brainstorming grinder”, a handpicked ‘best of the breed’ amazon experts, whose only passion is to give our customers the world’s comfiest amazon experience. We get back to the client with our complete roadmap to success, and the only thing required from the client after that is to sit back and watch the profits unfold. So just relax, we are all crazy for amazon, it’s not a competition.


Effective Case Studies

What sets us apart, in the words of others


What sets us apart,  in the words of others?

“They've seamlessly managed everything from supplier relations to Amazon listings, reducing my advertising costs from over 100% to under 20%. With their support, my business has flourished, going from ground zero to four successful products. ”


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