FBA BRO’s origins began in 2013 when our own brand began to see massive growth on Amazon, making over a million a year using repeatable, time-tested strategies. After a decade of success, we’ve taken our e-commerce knowledge and shared the wealth with brands so they can grow too.

We’re the people brands call to tailor-make digital marketplace strategies. We don’t force a one-size-fits-all playbook on our clients because no two brands are alike. We don’t exist to make a buck off our clients, but we sincerely care about their growth and value the relationships we build with them.

It’s one thing to lean on our expertise and relationship-building skills, but we owe much of our success to embracing the challenges running an agency brings. We’re not scared of hard work or ambiguity— we welcome it.

We’ve been able to enjoy the relationships we’ve cultivated because, simply put, we’ve earned the right to with nine figures of revenue to show for it. Our clients come to us for digital marketplace strategy help because we’ve shown the culmination of our earned experience, expertise, empathy, and ecommerce advocacy scales brands better than anyone else. We can make our claims because we back them up with every client.

We want to do the right thing for those wanting to win at Amazon. When your brand wins, we celebrate with you. But make no mistake— we’re insatiable for scaling the successes of tomorrow.

Our expertise speaks for itself through our clients’ success and enriched lives. And with each win, we put up a pennant in our minds, knowing that we’ve helped and done the right thing by our partners

Muhammad Auon » 7-Figure Amazon Brand Seller

Amazon Strategy Consultant » Help Brands to Raise their Profit Margins.

Amazon Strategy Consultant

Muhammad Auon – founder of FBA Bros and e-commerce strategy consultant, based in Pakistan.

Before becoming a consultant, I worked with multiple brands, and many others including automobile and other brands, to transform their digital retail operations into high-performing, six-figure businesses. Now trying to put them in 9 figures. I am even running my own PL and one of my Private Label brands has already flipped on Amazon Aggregator in 2019.

My current mission revolves around increasing the profit margins of Amazon Sellers. With over eight years of hands-on expertise, I’ve effectively guided brands to conquer their financial goals.

Muhammad Ali - Cofounder FBA Bros

Amazon Strategy Consultant » Help Brands to Raise their Profit Margins.

Amazon Strategy Consultant

Muhammad Ali – Co-founder of FBA Bros

An IT specialist’s journey from Pakistan to e-commerce success. Started with local stores, then a swift launch of leather-like products on US Amazon in 2017. The brand flourished, selling for $0.5M to an Amazon aggregator. Selling digital product programs is my jam. My vision at this time is to grow different niche websites or e-commerce brands to scale organic traffic with risk-free growth. Going off the grid at 24 months.

Help brands achieve their goals on the world’s largest e-commerce platform. With a  deep understanding of the amazon system, deliver exceptional results for our clients, ranging from driving more sales, increasing brand awareness, or launching new products.

How FBA Bro's Came to Be?

Step into our time machine, as we journey back to the year 2014, what an exciting time for our entrepreneurial drive! At that time, we had already experienced highly successful product launches, both on our own and with partners. ​

Guess what? Just when we were feeling confident about our path. But then, something surprising happened! Some people approached us, saying they didn’t want partnerships. Instead, they were seeking expert guidance and hands-on help.
While we initially provided oral guidance, it didn’t meet their satisfaction, as they sought someone to hire for hands-on assistance. The ones who knew the secrets of success after overcoming every obstacle, leaving no room for.

In that defining moment, the stars aligned, and a brilliant idea was born. Introducing FBA Bros – the brainchild of two visionary brothers, here to revolutionize your selling journey. With a name that stands for unwavering support, we’re your partners in profit. Make sure your launch isn’t just good but a resounding.

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