In this product launch, we had ample budget and resources So, with consistent optimization efforts, we kept improving all the time. We hunted the product and put much effort into finding the best quality suppliers with optimal prices. The daily optimization of PPC, addition of new potential targets in PPC campaigns, and right play with price at the right time played vital roles in the constantly improving metrics.

Niche: Tools & Home Improvement
Marketplace: US
Launch Date: 4th January
Number of Reviews and Ratings: 130
Rating: 4.6*


As the product’s niche is competitive, we made improvements and differentiations in our Pack Size, Packaging, and offer. At the start, we optimized the campaigns for visibility, ranking, and revenue. As we moved forward, we added more campaigns and optimized the PPC and sale price for lower CPC and higher profits. 

As a result, within 6 months (from January to June), we made remarkable developments in the following metrics.
1. Sales boosted from $5,571 in January to $28,880 in June (+500%).
2. ACoS lowered from 69% in January to 28% in June (-60%).
3. TACoS went down from 50% in January to 20% in June (-60%).
4. CPC dropped from $2.93 in January to $1.68 in June (-42%).
5. Profit went up from -$1,424 in January to +$5,233 in June.

Sales Comparison

This case study shows that launching a product successfully requires the following characteristics

  • Good Cash Flow
  • Experience Based Strategy
  • Research-Based Advertising
  • Efficient Inventory Management

And doing it all right, with the help of experienced experts can turn the launch into “obvious massive results“.