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10 Reasons Why Amazon not showing number of reviews

Amazon not showing number of reviews
Amazon not showing number of reviews

Amazon not showing a number of reviews can leave consumers adrift in the sea of choices, prompting questions about the credibility and popularity of a product. It is no secret that, when you’re perusing products on Amazon, customer reviews often serve as a helping tool to catch customers’ attention and help build a strong bond. Some people get inspired just because of their reviews and feel satisfied to buy any product without any hesitation. To explain this phenomenon clearly, it’s crucial to investigate why Amazon is not showing several reviews.

Are you an Amazon seller who’s seen that your product reviews aren’t growing like they should? Or have you noticed some reviews vanish or not show up at all? You’re not alone in this situation. There can be multiple reasons why Amazon not showing some reviews. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the Top 10 reasons why reviews might not be showing correctly. Keep reading to discover the reasons and you’ll also get to know why Amazon reviews matter and what if Amazon not showing several reviews. 

The Importance of Customer Review

Amazon reviews are like stories from people who tried stuff. They help us pick what’s good by sharing real experiences. It’s like a friend telling us about something before we try it ourselves. And when there are many reviews, it usually means many people trust it, making it more reliable.

  1. Guidance in Choosing: Reviews help us decide what to buy by showing how good a product is and what problems it might have. They’re like a friend telling us about their experience.
  2. Insights into Quality: Reviews give us a peek into how well something works or if it might break easily. They help us know if a product does what it says.
  3. Understanding Real Experiences: They show us what people think after using a product. It’s like getting a sneak peek into how it will work for us.
  4. Trust Signals: More reviews usually mean we can trust the product more. It’s like knowing lots of people tried it and thought it was good.
  5. Credibility Checker: The number of reviews tells us if a product is reliable. If there are many reviews, it’s often a sign that lots of people have used it and shared their thoughts.

The advantages and disadvantages of Amazon not showing numbers of reviews. 

Advantages of Amazon ReviewsDisadvantages of Amazon not showing number of reviews
Informed ChoicesLack of Credibility Assessment
Product Quality InsightDifficulty in Comparison
Trust BuildingLimited Trust Perception
Comparative AnalysisPotential Misinterpretation
Community FeedbackDifficulty Assessing Product Popularity
Comprehensive InsightsImpaired Decision-making Process
Improved Buyer ConfidenceReduced Trust in Product Reputation
Enhanced Product UnderstandingIncomplete Picture of Product Satisfaction

Reasons why Amazon not showing the number of reviews 

  1. Seller Has Been Flagged: Amazon carefully upholds its marketplace integrity by enforcing guidelines for sellers. Violations such as fake reviews, manipulating ratings, or breaching policies result in a review blackout. When a seller is flagged for malpractices, it impacts their reviews, affecting the overall count. This ensures a fair and secure marketplace, preserving trust among consumers and maintaining high standards of authenticity. So, this can also be the reason why Amazon does not show the number of reviews.
  2. The Review is Inappropriate: Amazon prioritizes a safe and inclusive platform for all users. Any reviews containing offensive language or violating community guidelines are promptly removed to create a comfortable experience. The removal of such inappropriate reviews leads to a decrease in review counts. This diligent moderation ensures a welcoming environment, reinforcing Amazon’s commitment to a respectful and positive community atmosphere; that’s a major issue of Amazon not showing the number of reviews. 
  3. The Review is detected to be Ingenuine: Upholding authenticity is paramount on Amazon. Utilizing advanced algorithms, the platform identifies fake or misleading reviews. Reviews from dubious sources or lacking credibility are suppressed, impacting the total count. “Checking things so carefully makes sure the reviews are reliable. It helps people trust Amazon more.”
  4. Review is detected to be Incentivized: Amazon strictly prohibits reviews influenced by incentives or compensation. Regardless of their positivity, incentivized reviews can be discounted or removed, impacting the review count. This policy maintains the integrity of feedback, ensuring that reviews are unbiased and genuinely reflective of customer experiences.
  5. The review appears to be unverified: Amazon distinguishes verified from unverified reviews, the former being from confirmed purchasers. While unverified reviews are not disregarded, they might not carry the same weight in the review count, potentially affecting the total. This differentiation helps users gauge the reliability of reviews based on verified purchases, contributing to informed decision-making.
  6. Blocked, Limited, or Deleted Reviews: Various factors can be reasons why Amazon does not show a number of reviews, such as technical glitches, review audits, or seller actions, which can lead to reviews being blocked, limited, or deleted. These fluctuations can cause a sudden change in the review count, temporarily obscuring the actual number of reviews available. This intermittent adjustment ensures the accuracy and fairness of the review system.
  7. Additional Scenarios for Reviews to Not Appear: Beyond the primary reasons why Amazon does not show the number of reviews, several scenarios may affect review visibility on Amazon. Changes in algorithms, updates in review display methods, ongoing investigations into products or sellers, or alterations in review showcasing might lead to reviews not surfacing. This dynamic nature ensures continual improvements in the review system’s accuracy and reliability, benefitting both consumers and sellers on the platform.
  8. Breaking Amazon’s rules: Amazon has strict rules for reviews. If a review breaks these rules, it won’t be allowed. Violations include using bad language, fake reviews, ads, or a competitor trying to hurt a product. Also, good reviews from the seller’s close pals might not show up because they could be biased.
  9. Tech troubles: At times, Amazon faces technical issues with its system, which can create glitches affecting how reviews are displayed. These glitches might cause reviews to appear incorrectly or not show up altogether. However, Amazon’s tech team actively works on identifying and resolving these problems.  Once they pinpoint and fix the issue causing the trouble, the review display returns to normal. So, these technical glitches can become the reason Amazon is not showing a number of reviews. Amazon typically sorts them out swiftly to ensure a smooth experience for users.
  10. Checking if you bought it: Amazon wants to know if you actually bought the thing you’re reviewing. Your review might not be there if it can’t confirm your purchase. They do this to make sure reviews are from real buyers who use the product. When you’re shopping on Amazon, customer reviews can make a big difference. They help you decide which products are good and what to avoid. But sometimes, you might notice that the number of reviews isn’t there. This can leave you wondering if a product is worth buying or if it’s popular. To understand why this happens, let’s explore the top ten reasons why Amazon might not show the number of reviews.


 Amazon has strict rules for reviews. It won’t be shown if a review breaks these rules, like using bad language or being fake. Additionally, technical problems on the website can mess up how reviews are displayed, but Amazon usually fixes these issues quickly. Also, Amazon wants to know if you bought the product you’re reviewing. If they can’t confirm your purchase, buyer reviews might not show up to make sure the reviews come from real buyers.

Understanding why reviews might not appear helps Buyers trust the reviews they see and make better shopping decisions. These reviews are like stories from people who’ve tried things, and they help us choose the right products by sharing real experiences. So, knowing why reviews might not show up on Amazon helps us trust the platform and make smarter buying choices!


Why isn’t the review count showing on some Amazon product pages?

Sometimes, technical issues or policy violations can lead to the review count not being displayed. This can include anything from glitches in the system to reviews that don’t meet Amazon’s guidelines.

Do all products on Amazon display their review counts?

Not necessarily. There could be various reasons why a product might not show its review count. It could be due to recent policy changes, review audits, or other reasons discussed in Amazon’s guidelines.

Are there specific guidelines that reviewers must follow for their reviews to be counted?

Yes, Amazon has strict guidelines for reviews. Reviews that contain inappropriate content, fake information, promotional material, or violate community guidelines might not be displayed.

How long does it take for Amazon to fix review count display issues?

Typically, Amazon aims to resolve technical issues promptly. Once the problem causing the review count to disappear is identified, they work to restore it as quickly as possible.

Can sellers or customers do anything to ensure that Amazon does not show a number of reviews? 

Sellers and customers can help by following Amazon’s review policies. Sellers should avoid practices like fake reviews or incentivized reviews. Customers should ensure they’re leaving genuine, honest reviews after purchasing a product to help maintain review authenticity.

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